This 45 minute cycle class is driven by the music, beat and resistance. It’s a total body workout on the bike, with choreography and light hand weights, while trying to achieve         max watts and speed. You’ll have your heart-rate challenged in this blood pumping, music driven spin class. Expect to be sweaty and except to have fun. 


Get lost in the beat of CyKle. Unleash your inner rockstar with this cardio training ride that will burn max calories with hills, sprints, climbs and light weights. You'll leave sweating and smiling, feeling like the badass you are. 


Unroll a yoga mat and get ready for an invigorating full-body flow that will leave you feeling sweaty and strong. Your heart rate will rise and your muscles will shake in this total body class, mixing yoga postures with light weights and quick cardio blasts. 

Power + Peace

Power & Peace is a one hour, full-body yoga flow with energizing poses and sequences aimed to lengthen, strengthen, and center you (physically AND mentally). This class is characterized by purposeful movement, linked to the breath. You can expect to improve flexibility, and stamina, tone every muscle in your body, decrease stress, enhance body awareness, improve energy levels and experience a moving meditation. 

Express Circuit

45 minutes. Fast paced cardio circuit consisting of a 10 minute warm up and a 30 minute circuit. This class is a shortened version of our cardio circuit. Packed with both strength and high intensity power moves that will keep you moving. Designed for all levels this is the most effective way to burn fat fast and tone your body all in a 45 minute workout!

Cardio Circuit

55 minutes. This class will keep you moving. Alternating between cardio based high intensity interval training and strength exercises involving light weights, resistance bands and more. Burn fat and tone your body all in the same workout. Designed for all levels.

Strength Circuit

1 hour. Building a solid foundation based on strength is key for a well rounded workout. This workout is geared toward total body strength. 10 minute warm up followed by a varying weight based circuits. This workout will help you build strength, shed pounds, and improve your conditioning

Cardio Sculpt

This class will tone up, firm up, and burn fat from the small muscles groups all over your body. This is a total body workout for both muscular strength and endurance with a focus on those small, deep muscle fibers. We will dig deep into those butts, legs, core, and upper body while also getting your heart rate up in this low impact, non-stop workout. Cardio Sculpt is a strength and conditioning class for all levels.


A dynamic and vigorous style of Hatha yoga where movement through postures and internal rhythm of breath encourage strength and stamina for both body and mind.  Some yoga experiences recommended.

Cardio Cycle 

It's a straight up music pumping, fat melting, power riding, push you to your limit class in Cardio Cycle. Crave that burn, that's how you get results! Every level welcome, we all start and finish together! 

Rhythm Ride

Ginger's Rhythm Ride is a beat driven class with a total body work out. From arm to legs to everything in between, Ginger choreographs every second of this class, that includes push-ups, squats, crunches and jumps—and even a little dancing—all while pedaling. Light weights are incorporated a few times during the class to ensure you get a total body work out. Ginger’s high-energy workout is what draws the crowd, but her music and motivation are close seconds. Between the mash-ups she mixes and the messages she delivers, her class is as inspiring as it is intense. As Ginger pushes her riders through the pain, she also cheers them on, always encouraging them to be the best they can be on the bike and beyond.


Are you in a cardio rut? Get ready for an exhilarating ride where elements of timed HIIT interval training, beats per minute, and upper body strength are combined in tandem with an always changing & inspiring playlist.  This purposeful class increase your cardio endurance, burns calories and stimulates your metabolism. The ride is designed to challenge first-time riders and triathletes alike.


We will FLY for 45 minutes.  You will be pushed to achieve results.  To get into FLY shape, we will climb hills, interval train, race and incorporate a sculpting upper body series, all to the beat of great music.  We are calorie burning, performance tracking, and optional on screen participation. Come FLY with me!